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Next time you go you should try their Mixed Grill. They have the normal as well as the sea food both are super. Also they do a good pork knuckle. You can get it in the traditional manner or if you require they pull it apart and devil it in true Sri Lankan fashion and give it to you, and it tastes amazing. I have also had their baked crab which is good too. A lot of people fail to try their western menu thanks to their name.

Chopsticks 10 months ago

I must say the place doesn't sound too great but I sure loved the way you write and enjoyed reading every little bit of your article. Thank you for the entertaining read.

Sesto Senso 3 years ago

Nice review but I must confess in addition to the information I really enjoyed your (witty) style of writing. Which made reading this article an even nicer experience.

Off The Hook 4 years ago

I generally find that my opinion/experience is quite different to what has been published on how ever I must say that this instance I could not agree with the writer more. What a beautiful restaurant what terrible food… Its such a shame. Been there a couple of times but no more as the food is so bland or sweet that I feel like throwing up. How I wish they could get some recipes from Perera and Sons after all in a previous Yamu review they were described as the Perera & Sons of Singapore.

BreadTalk (Park Street) 4 years ago

I went there many years ago had the most amazing meal… of crab curry and string hoppers and polos. The only negative we experienced was that before we could finish our meal the manager came and wanted us to hurry up and leave in a quite unpleasant manner. Doubt this would have happened in a restaurant in Colombo. Of course at that time this was the only decent place to stay in Batti and guess they could get away with it. But the food is so good I will still go there regardless of my negative experience.

Riviera Resort (Batticaloa) 5 years ago

Heard of a new place called Barracuda next to "The station" the food is supposed to be excellent the ambiance awesome and the bills very reasonable (1k per person) and corkage free. I have not been there personally but the person who told me about this knows what she is talking about.

Any place to go with girl friend in Colombo ? 5 years ago

Wonderful place lovely food I just wish they made a good espresso too and it would have been heaven.

English Cake Company 5 years ago

I was looking forward to visit this place thanks for your review now I am not going to rush over as I intended to. I too agree that the Cioconat drinking chocolate rocks. It is hot and thick and creamy and they have 42 to flavors to choose from who would want more?

Chocolate Room 6 years ago