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*One is his old mobile so not sure which one.

Has a shop in Majestic City. He will also do house calls. He changed my iPhone 6 Plus battery 4 years ago and it’s still going strong. Besides that he also does repairs/screens. Decent guy who doesn’t rip off. Always a fair price. Everyone in my family who has iPhones/iPads have had something done by him. My brother even brings all his iPhones from abroad when visiting to get everything fixed/replaced when he is in town. If I need anything done with any of my iPhones - I call him. I don’t bother with anyone else.

iPhone Repair 4 months ago

No you cannot send or receive money via PayPal. After tackling education to make Sri Lanka have one of the highest literacy rates, the government then wants to make IT/Computers the next thing yet hamper any progress with silly rules that prevent us from progressing in the online world. So yes, PayPal is blocked because the government doesn't trust us (or want us to advance!)

Can we receive money through Paypal in Sri Lanka? 9 months ago

Yes I always tip. Even if you don't have pizza money lying around, you must have Rs. 50-100 lying around to tip surely?

Do you tip pizza delivery 1 year ago

It's not called the iWatch. It's called the Apple Watch. Singer and Abans are the only authorised Apple sellers in Sri Lanka. You can confirm this from Apples website. I suggest you buy from them as they will honour any warranty issues. If you buy from an independent shop, it will be hit or miss regarding any problems you get with it.

Iwatch 1 year ago

Ended up going with your suggestion! Drinks were okay. We ended up getting a cocktail pitcher. Was disappointed that they didn't have any actual food to order. Everything was tapas which only took up 1 page of the 10 page drinks menu! The tapas we did order however were tasty and filling all except the nachos. It was like flavoured chips from a bag with melted cheese on top and when we got it, the cheese was cold! Had to send it back to get reheated. Was definitely not worth the Rs. 1000 they were charging for it. Thankfully it was the only disappointment. Service was good as a few waiters served us and they were always happy to oblige with any request. Music was decent nonstop chill/tropical house however the speaker system was pretty crap. It sounded like one of those cheap Bluetooth speakers you connect to a phone with. No punch, no bass. The place was half full which wasn't too bad given the fact that it had just finished raining. Overall it wasn't wow but was still enjoyable.

Best roof top bar in Colombo for a date? 1 year ago

I too don't like the frequency that we get logged out with, on iOS. Not sure why they log us out in the first place? I don't see Twitter or Instagram logging me out, so why does the Yamu app feel the need to? It's not like multiple people share a phone! Just keep us logged in permanently until we choose to log ourselves out - simple!

YAMU mobile app automatically logging me out 1 year ago