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Revolution restaurant on the rooftop of Trillium Hotel. Mexican fusion with a full service bar downstairs. Very quiet, few people around. Great open views with an infinity pool. Go during sunset for the best views. There’s a charge to use the pool for none guests but it will be reimbursed against food and drink.

I'm looking for a chill bar or cafe to do some work 4 weeks ago

Yawn! Yeah buddy, we already know all this. Just because the virus is there doesn’t mean the whole world has to come to a halt. How did you think all the things that you consume daily come to you? Did they grow magically in your pantry? Whether you want cake or not, you think the guy who brings you vegetables and fruit to your door is not risking his life? Businesses need money and they are offering services. If a business wants to make an item and deliver it and someone wants to buy it, why should that matter to you if everyone is following the right safety protocols?

Why is it so hard to get a damn slice of cake during curfew? All these bakeries and dessert places yet nobody makes a simple cake! 4 months ago

Hey Vishvi, great job with keeping everything updated. Glad to see many new restaurants being added on a daily basis. Could I make a few suggestions? To scroll through the list takes longer than driving to the airport! Is it possible to remove the restaurants that are marked as “out of service”? I feel there is no need to have them taking up space if they are closed. This will at least make the list a little shorter and more bearable. If they reach out and say that they are back in business, that’s great and you can add them back. I’m not sure if you can make the categories collapsible? This way the entire page doesn’t need to load. We can click on Pizza for example and then just see the pizza places. Also perhaps a “General” category for restaurants that don’t specialise but offer a bit of everything. I also like that under each restaurant you have necessary details reworked, like CONTACT, MENU, OPEN TIMES, DELIVERY ZONES. If this could be more consistent across the board, then that would be great. Some places don’t have menus. Others are missing delivery areas etc. Contact the restaurants via FB and tell them to send you a square image with their currently delivery menu. Make them do some work for you sending them business! It would be nice if each image under the restaurant name was just their curfew menu. I know this is more work but it would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.

Restaurants Delivering Food In Colombo - During COVID-19 Curfew Hours 5 months ago

I was pretty shocked that Hilton was charging me Rs. 1,400 just for delivery and it wasn’t even direct from the hotel to me! They did one big evening delivery trip and all the orders are taken out in one go. I feel that if you are going to do a single trip and deliver to each person one by one, then no way should they be charging Rs 1,400! They should subsidise the cost to a much cheaper rate like 300 etc. I could take a hotel taxi straight home for Rs. 1,000, so why is delivery so expensive? nearly 33% of the bill. Imagine if they were delivering to 10 customers within Colombo? That’s Rs. 14,000 in just delivery charges and we are all getting it whenever (between 6pm and 9pm). That is a crazy amount to charge. If a company charges me Rs 1,400 for delivery then they better serve me champagne when they drop off the food and deliver it at the exact time I want!

Restaurants Delivering Food In Colombo - During COVID-19 Curfew Hours 5 months ago

Another thing to note is that they do all the deliveries at one time. If you want your food at lunchtime it has to be ordered by 11am the latest and if you want food for dinner it has to be ordered by 5pm the latest. Please include this and that they do offer cash on delivery as well, thanks Vishvi

Restaurants Delivering Food In Colombo - During COVID-19 Curfew Hours 5 months ago

(072) 357 7477
(071) 876 2727
*One is his old mobile so not sure which one.

Has a shop in Majestic City. He will also do house calls. He changed my iPhone 6 Plus battery 4 years ago and it’s still going strong. Besides that he also does repairs/screens. Decent guy who doesn’t rip off. Always a fair price. Everyone in my family who has iPhones/iPads have had something done by him. My brother even brings all his iPhones from abroad when visiting to get everything fixed/replaced when he is in town. If I need anything done with any of my iPhones - I call him. I don’t bother with anyone else.

iPhone Repair 10 months ago