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Let's Taco

I went with my Hispanic girlfriend since it was new and this cuisine is right up her alley. As we walked in we were given one of the 2 round tables at the entrance. I had called earlier in the day to reserve and as we sat, the reserved sign was removed from the table. Above us, industrial fans spun at full speed making for a lot of noise. This was also disappointing my girlfriend as she had done her hair and the fans were just blowing like crazy. We were given 1 menu. So while once of us glanced at it, the other was twiddling their thumbs! Are you guys that short of menus that it is 1 menu per table? Not all table are ordering at the same time so you should have a decent amount of menus so whether a couple or a table of 10 sit down - everyone should have menus! We ordered drinks - their in-house special, green Lemonade and Orange - 1 bottle each. When the drinks arrived, they were so salty! I blame Kinita since she said they were so sweet in her review, the owners probably decided to throw a bunch of salt into the drinks :P Who drinks salty drinks with Mexican food? Mexican food has enough salt! Also add to the fact that the drinks weren't even chilled/cold. We couldn't ask for ice because they use these miniature milk bottles so that there was no way ice could fit through the opening! If they are going to use cute bottles like this, then at least keep all the ingredients used for the drinks in a chilled place or better yet, invest in crushed ice and throw that in the bottle!

We ordered a plate of beef nachos and the spicy chicken taco plate to share. The nachos took 40 minutes to arrive table side. My girlfriend questioned why such a simple dish would take so long to arrive? A staff member did arrive to apologise for the delay and said it would not be more than 10 minutes. When she arrived - she just addressed my girlfriend - as if I didn't exist! Since she didn't know who was eating what - the correct thing to do would have been to apologise to both of us - not one of us. The nachos didn't even arrive within the 10 minutes she stated - they actually took 17 minutes on top of the 20 minutes we had already been waiting! It would have been nice to provide some complimentary chips table side with some salsa dip. At least if people have something to wet their appetite then they could probably endure waiting for their meal a little longer! When the food came, the taste was fine although initially when this place was mentioned, people kept bringing up Taco Bell and I thought that was rather rude to mention a fast food restaurant in the same vein as this restaurant. However after the nachos arrived - similarities to Taco Bell ensured. The beef used is ground beef and not steak beef as should be with nachos served at a none fast food restaurant level. There was a generous amount of beef, but ground beef is quintessentially what Taco Bell and other fast food Mexican joints would serve. So it's sad to see ground beef being used instead of steak beef diced up. The nachos also lacked re-fried beans and jalapenos. The spicy chicken tacos were tasty and the salsa while it had the right flavour was way too watery. Salsa should be able to be scooped using chips, but every time we attempted to scoop, it just ran off the chip. The guacamole was also tasty. The mains were worth the money for quantity. We had to request for sliced lime pieces to squeeze over the food. How does a Mexican food joint not provide cut up limes with ALL dishes? Salt should also be provided table side - in keeping with the Mexican ethos.

Even though the soft opening week had ended, it still felt as if they probably needed several more weeks to get things going more smoothly. It was hard to tell who worked there because everyone who worked there wore their own clothes! We wanted to stop people every now and then to ask stuff but weren't sure if they worked there or not. This place needs uniforms badly. All the staff (including owners) should wear a single colour t-shirt with the logo clearly on the front and back so we know who they are. The table next to us cleared and then a couple arrived, 10 minutes after they ordered their food, their nachos arrived, so service is very inconsistent. I went to use the bathroom only to find that there is a second larger section with air conditioning! This enraged my girlfriend because this whole time we were suffering with multiple industrial fans noisily above our heads when they had an air conditioned section all along. What's further upsetting was I called in advance to book a table, so at that point we should have been given the best table available (a table in the air conditioned area) or at least when we arrived - we should have been offered either the fan seating area or the air conditioned area - a choice that was never offered. The seating area right by the entrance is also very awkward. Just 2 small tables and then a lower waiting room style sofa + tables with people facing you. The front glass doors are also not tinted so people from outside can clearly see inside - offering no privacy. The pizza kitchen is right there with a clear door fridge and its contents facing the customers! We don't want to see what's inside the fridge when its just a mash of drinks and produce. The whole open kitchen area should be cordoned off better because it is barely used and really doesn't add to the ambiance - it isn't "cool". I also question why a place trying to make it as a Mexican restaurant feels the need to add pizza to the menu? That's like going to a Thai restaurant and seeing "burger and fries" on the menu. Stick to what you're about.

My girlfriend spotted the catering menu and noticed that the images of tacos on that menu were blatantly taken from Taco Bell's menu! Here's a thing - if you don't want to be associated with Taco Bell - don't blatantly steal their images for your catering menu! Maybe hire a better printing company that doesn't lazily use Google images to make your menus! So overall with the excessive waiting times for the food and poor quality drinks, not to mention that the entrance seating area is probably the worst area to be in - while we were keen to try the churro cup for desert, my girlfriend didn't want to wait another 40 minutes for that. We decided to go elsewhere to satisfy our desert needs. We asked for the bill, but even that took more than 15 minutes to arrive after being requested several times! Too few people juggling too many things it seems. In the end the owner was nice enough to apologise and did make amends which i'm grateful for and I actually felt a little sorry given that it was a new business, but what was supposed to be a fun evening out, was honestly ruined. Overall the food was fair value for money but I still feel that Let's Taco still has a way to go. Food needs to be expedited better. Staff crisis handling needs to improve. Better quality drinks. Get rid of the fans and put A/C throughout the restaurant. Let's Taco is on the right track but someone needs to be steering this engine. I hope they can identify their problems and fix their issues, because I really want Let's Taco to work as Sri Lanka needs a good Mexican restaurant that isn't Taco Bell.

Let's Taco 2 years ago