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Hi Sophia, never send nudes. Ask him if he'll marry you :D if you never hear from him again you know he's just for sex :D jk jk
If that's ALL he texts about, then unlikely he's serious.
Goodluck to u, trust your gut.

Relationships and sending pictures 10 months ago

Very sorry about his loss, seemed like a brilliant young person. Kangana Ranaut is wonderful, being brave to speak out and calling the spade a spade. Plus she is a really good actress. Let's hope other people if they feel depressed and over whelmed, please reach out.
There's talk of whether Susanth's death was a homicide which also seems possible in a way, but we will never know.

සුශාන්ත්ගේ මරණයත් එක්ක බොලිවුඩයට මේ වෙන්නෙ මොකද්ද? 10 months ago

COST that's been the biggest obstacle. Specially if you have moved out, and have to watch your budget it's cheaper to get a rs.200 rice parcel, that has more rice and a teaspoon of veggies, than a proper vegetable filled meal or salad or bowl that's gonna cost 500+ for just one meal. Even the places that do try to promote healthy food delivery is just too costly to take on regularly.

Healthy Eating In Sri Lanka Is Not Easy; Why? 11 months ago