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Thanks Vishvi and Yamu team, it's a useful list.
Uma products also has something like this.

To most of the providers, please expand the delivery, people in areas other than Colombo and surroundings also likes to eat things, other than rice, bread, veggies.

Popular Grocery Brands Delivering Amid Crisis 1 year ago

I have to agree with the other comments… ordered a fish and chips and the fish was a red fish, which didn't suit the dish. Plus point for the dipping sauces, they were great

British Pub & Fish N’ Chips (One Galle Face) 1 year ago

there's a new brand Anods, they have chocolate chips, have seen in Keells and Arpico. Made in SL, give that a try, it's pricier than the ritzbury and kandos

About baking chocolate 1 year ago

are they operational?
tried a couple a times, each time it was closed and the listed number rings without an answer

Smokestacks 1 year ago

It's a quirky lovely place, North of Colombo doesn't really have many interesting places, so this is a lovely addition.

Fuel Restaurant 1 year ago

Sarah this review feels extremely biased.
Usually you are v.critical, but in this all the shortcomings are excused very easily.
Unfair much?

KIKU 2 years ago

"I dislike watalappam with a passion. Mostly because I've grown up unable to escape it all my life."
HAHA Sarah! you funny gal!!

Gonna try this place, thank you

The Biryani Restaurant 2 years ago