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ah if only now the other 99% of Sri Lankans (mostly men) also had the capacity to see it like this.
So many Sri Lankan men (and women) think they have a right to dictate what other women should/should not do with their bodies or try to put their religious/cultural thinking on to every one else.

legalized or not abortions happen everyday, legalizing would at least make the process safer.

ගබ්සාව ගැන ගොං ප්‍රශ්න 7ක් සහ ඒවට උත්තර 3 years ago

I've seen the water filled plastic bottle near gates to ward off cats n dogs, but it doesn't work! saw a dog peeing right near one :D

Lankan Lifehacks 4 years ago

tres leches!! this is out to everyone who might be super excited about the fact that a lot of people rave about it and want to try it.
it's basically a very very soggy spongecake, slathered with a condensed milk sweet icing on top.
we liked the chocolate cake.

Butter Boutique 4 years ago

I suppose education is the key, that boys and men should be taught to respect women, and their bodies and that women have as much a right to freely utilize public space.

Its's odd in a way too, while I consider 'ah nangi' as an uninvited comment, I have seen in public transport (train) how that comment actually led to a flirtatious conversation between a girl and a man… I was utterly shocked to say the least.
Like it or not, there seem to be something of the part of society you come from playing a part in it too….

Street Harassment in Sri Lanka 4 years ago