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I'm currently using the mobile app and can't seem to find it on the play store, neither is it under 'my installed apps and games'…?

What happened to Yamu mobile app ? 1 year ago

This doesn't seem accurate…… There are plenty of farmers around the country who sell their milk… Just cause the brands you mentioned don't have their own farms doesn't necessarily mean they can't get fresh milk.
Also is it even possible to make yoghurt or other dairy with milk powder?

The Yoghurt Round-Up 2018 2 years ago

eBay. You can get 100s for less than 3 dollars

Laptop stickers 3 years ago

Auto pilot is anyways designed to be used on highway conditions, not for city driving.

Tesla Autopilot in SL 3 years ago

Visit a burger friend or relative :3

Love Cake 3 years ago