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Kudos to adding the cemetery :D also "sometimes poetry on the stones that provide sufficient reading material on their own." is a lovely line and the only thing that interests me at funerals that I'm forced to go for (sorry relatives that I've never spoken to, the only thing I like about mourning is the legit reason to wear all black)

Also, do you have a list of good second hand book stores? That'd be interesting :)

15 Book Nooks In Colombo 6 years ago

They had a DJ and a live band playing at the same time. That was pretty darned annoying.
They also took ages with our second round of drinks, didn't have bananas in the afternoon and no cider in the night and brought our pizzas with burnt crusts. The location is lovely though.

The Shore By O! 6 years ago

Loved the fries, snap 'em open and you actually SEE some potato in there as opposed to the hollow things KFC and Maccy D try to pass off as fries. The chicken burgers we got weren't that exciting, the fish was slightly more interesting and the whopper was the best. The un-whoppery ones were small in comparison.
Overall I was meh-d out but I'm going back for fries.

Burger King (Mount Lavinia) 6 years ago