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Joined 7 years ago


I ordered on Sunday(30 July) and the ordering process was smooth.The delivery was on time and the food was AMAZING.Authentic kahabath ,aromatically spiced with Lemongrass and Cinnamon,the prawns thel dala was very skilfully prepared and the ambuk thiyal was top notch.The Biscuit Pudding was full of chocolate and the salted cashew nuts add so much of flavor.Highly recommended

Kaha Bath Gedara 3 years ago

shanghai terrace,tsing tao and Loon tao all serve chicken wantons

Wontons 6 years ago

you cant park there which is a huge negative

Acropol 7 years ago

Easily the best place to savor different varieties of food.I have tasted a number of dishes and it is full of quality

The grills are pretty good
The waffles
The salads
Pizza is awesome
Tha Thai food -and the singapore chille crab is yummy - My review on BARS

Bars Cafe 7 years ago

Btw does Banana leaf still exist?I use to love the biriyani

Kebabish was awesome
I remember Garfields pretty well since it was in front of our school but they closed it down

Colombo's Restaurant Graveyard 7 years ago