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One Seven One

Visited the place yesterday with a crowd of 10 since the ratings were good and heard nice things about the place. We had pre booked a table for 7-7.30pm. The very first thing they asked us were if we r ready to order quickly coz they need the table back by 9pm. I specifically inquired about this when i made the booking so i told him no we can’t leav by 9. They looked unhappy. Then we ordered our food n wen came to drinks section TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. They bluntly told us no drinks available other than EGB, coke n sprite. Nt even lime juice. What kinda place is that. We were totally down n to make ot worse d service was BAD. Starters either came with d main course or after. Waiter was handing over the food to my friend at the corner and asked her to pass d food “බෙදාගෙන මේක අරහෙට යවන්න." Really??? Table water was nt served untill i requested twice. No spoons for d dishes. We had to ask them more than 3 times to get some. Food was average I’d say, hot battered mushroom was too salty.
Plus points were good portions and low prizes. But we were kinda mislead too abt d portion sizes. I mean what they told 2 ppl can share, can easily be shared among 3+.
May be better for take away but not recommending for dine in with our experience.

One Seven One 3 years ago


Ponnusamy Non-Veg Chettinad Restaurant

Very disappointed today. My first two visits were quite gud. So decided to take family there. First the waiting time was too long but understandable with d crowd present. Then a tangled hair in the chicken 65. When pointed out the waiter was shocked n took d dish away n came back to tell no more chicken 65 available n would we like to order somethin else for tht or a refund. No apology yet n i went for d refund. Then my wife who is a vegi lover orderer alloo gobi masala but what they serves was just gobi masala. When inquired waiter insisted we ordered gobi masala only. I requested to talk to d person who took d order but never showed up. We finished d meal unhappy n paid for it (chicken 65 not included). I wanted to speak to manager but d cashier lady said she can help since d manager was out. When i explained to her what happened, not much response n no apology at all… very disappointed… this mit as well be my last visit to this place.

Ponnusamy Non-Veg Chettinad Restaurant 3 years ago