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Visited the place two days ago. Ordered the oreo drink and a peach and pear iced tea. The oreo drink was good while the iced tea seemed to be a little watered down, though it was fun to pop the fruit pearls in your mouth. I noticed that they had a keylime tart and ordered a slice to take away. Sometime after we had finished our drinks, an apologetic staff(the very same person who took my order) came to the table with a messy keylime tart slice. He had evidently broken up the slice while trying to serve it up. I reminded him that i had wanted it to packed to take away. A few minutes later he gave me a small box with the tart. On reaching home, as soon as i opened the box, i was treated to a visual of a keylime tart which had met with a major accident, akin to a pileup on the highway (It was not definitely not caused by the drive home, cos he had so evidently scooped up the mess he tried to serve me at the cafe and dolloped it on to the take away pack). Furthermore, my wife, on taking a few mouthfuls, found a small piece of chicken and some dried onions in the "tart" . Would be very happy to post pictures of the mess they served up, but can't seem to upload the photo. Shame on you bubblelement.

Bubblelement (Colombo) 4 years ago