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dinushka perera
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O stars , O rating… given to Klassy Colombo 4 outlet in De Fonseka Road. I am a regular customer to Klassy Colombo Branch, Myself and my Family visit there every Friday for sure and also another within the week too.
I had a bad experience in buying a Ribbon Cake from Klassy on 5th of May 2017, while buying it I was advise the cake was made same day morning by the staff member who served me. While taking the cake I realize the icing was drooping off cake. However I thought may be due to traveling that happened. I stored the cake in cool dry place on Saturday evening when we cut the cake and tasted it it was TOTALLY DISAPPOINTING SITUATION , THE CAKE WAS SPOILED, WITH A BAD BUTTER OR OIL TASTE COMING FROM THE CAKE. ALSO THE ICING WAS GIVING TOTALLY SOUR , BITTER TASTE.
It was evening on Saturday, so I called Klassy Colombo on Sunday however there was no response. I called in on Monday and informed Manager ROSHAN is requested me to meet him on Friday, when I come in to the outlet and he will do something about it.
I went in today 12th May 2017, This ROSHAN Man is a man who really do not care about customers. He said he can remember me calling him and he say i need the spoil cake to taste to see if its true. My bill average when i walk in to Kalssy Colombo is above LKR1000, he say you may be a customer who comes you should keep the spoil cake and bring it to me. who on earth will store a spoil cake. This man ROSHAN is a very bad guy who does not know how to talk to customers HE IS THE MOST RUDE, ARROGANT , BIG-HEADED PERSON WHO IS NOT SUITABLE TO BE A MANAGER . He say he checked with chef and OWNER of Klassy - I can’t imagine if the OWNER IS A SUCH STINGY PERSON. HE SAID OWNER REQUESTED TO SAY THIS HAPPENS EARLIER TOO WITH CUSTOMERS BUT WE CANT HELP IT, WE WILL NOT PROVIDE A COMPENSATION TREAT OR ANY APOLOGY TO ANY CUSTOMERS. ROSHAN THE SO CALLED MANAGER NEVER EVEN SAID SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPEN EVEN, SAID I CANT HELP IT THESE THINGS HAPPEN EVEN THE OWNER SAID TO IGNORE CUSTOMER COMPLAINS. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND ANY ONE KLASSY COLOMBO AGAIN VERY CHEAP OWNER AND STAFF.

Klassy Pastry Shop 4 years ago