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5/5 for Zen's food, 2.5/5 for its service.

Except for one, the waiters were so inattentive we had to repeatedly wave to get their attention. When we finally did and politely brought this to their notice, the manager (!) got defensive and rude. He clearly doesn't know how to deal with customers.
Other than that, they're just not trained for good customer service. And that's fine if you're a random hole in the wall, but Zen is not.

Having said that, their food really is excellent so we'll probably return!

Zen (Zylan Boutique Hotel) 3 years ago

Good, tasty food and great service. The prices are on the higher side but, like the review mentioned, you're getting a better overall dining experience for it.
Actually, there are a lot of trendy new places that quote the same prices for an inferior experience, so would recommend Golden Dragon for better value.
(My 4-star review reflects my general aversion to awarding 5 stars, unless something's exceptionally exceptional.) :)

Golden Dragon (Taj) 3 years ago

Only eaten there once but the food and ambiance were great. Very reasonable pricing as well!

Frego Steakhouse 3 years ago

I used to go there and everything was fine (for the most part) until they decided that regular wax was not profitable enough. My waxing lady would downright lie to convince me to switch to the more expensive 'flavours'. I repeatedly declined as regular wax was fine. Once they realised I wouldn't budge, they forced me use the expensive wax by telling me, at the appointment (!), that that was the only wax available. Left with no choice, I agreed.

What really annoyed me was this so-called 'expensive' wax's effect on my skin! It took patches of skin off along with the hair! And those patches took a whole month to heal! I didn't realise how serious it was until a couple of days after the session, else I wouldn't have paid.

Honey Pot, please don't force products down your customers' throats when they're clearly not interested in them. If you do, make sure they're better, not WORSE, than the cheaper, preferred alternative. Haven't gone back since.

Honey Pot 5 years ago

TERRIBLE service. In line with what everyone else has said.
Their cakes are great, but is it worth the hassle? No.

Ambrosia 5 years ago

Forgot one - the Sri Lanka Traffic Police!
Also, if you like driving slowly/checking your phone/looking out for shops/taking selfies etc., please remain on the LEFT side of the road!

6 Idiots You Find In Traffic 5 years ago