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Joined 4 years ago


Nice little place, comfortable. Relaxed and easy atmosphere. Delicious food and good service. Great value for money and good vegetarian selection. Definitely going again.

Quick Thai (Colombo 7) 4 years ago

Consistently poor service both at the restaurant and on orders. We have been regularly visiting / ordering food from here as long standing customers. But the time has come to quit. The food is mediocre at best, but the service is horrible. Even when picking up their lunch packs had to wait almost an hour!

Each time an order is placed, without fail, it is delivered more than 2 HOURS later. Despite multiple phone calls and promises it never turns up in time causing enough headaches. The delivery men blame the management!!
Complaints are never attended to and the managers never have the courtesy to call back or address the issue.
The impression is they don't give a damn!

Not going there again.

Chinese Dragon Cafe 4 years ago