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Those criticizing this article, remember there may tourists who don't know anything about the places who might be planning a visit.

YAMU's Southern Expressway Map (E01) 6 years ago

The burger was pretty much KFC-like. Nothing special.

American 7 years ago

I've been to the Hanwella paintball arena. The paintball experience is good since we'll be in a jungle-like place, a bit of a realistic and adventurous atmosphere where we have to hide, attack, defend and shoot like in a real war.

For Rs.1500 per person, you get 100 bullets each. You can play as many games you want for as long as you want till all the bullets purchased by you and your colleagues finish.

Distance and food are the issues. It takes about two hours one way from Colombo. There's no food outlet there. But nearby in the Awissawella Road there's Ambalama which is a good restaurant with buffet lunch.

what is the best paintball field ? 7 years ago