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Hi Spartan,
Sorry I didnt get back to you earlier. I Didnt recieve a notification. I did check on this. After having spoke to the staff I was informed regarding this matter. We had not received our stock order for local rum in time. After having checked with the supplier I can confirm this and they apologized for the delay. We did serve shots, on request as we had some stock for pouring. As for serving in a jug, we do indeed have a policy of not serving certain brands by the bottle, but if a customer insists we serve in a decanter. I hope you respect that, as it is our policy and if you wish to know further details as to why do send us a private message on facebook.
I do apologize for the poor communication regarding this matter on behalf of our staff.
Thank you

Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe 4 years ago

You have reviewed this place twice with pretty much the same review?
Sometimes i wonder …

Butter Boutique 4 years ago

Adding further to your comment/ reminder/ threat about rize bar, It is quite frankly not my place to comment about another establishment, but since you brought it up I would like to clarify that i was a big fan of the place and they closed because their lease ran out. They weren't driven out of business.
Anyway, I do apologise if you were annoyed about this incident. We try our best to serve our customers (regulars or otherwise ) to the best of our ability.

Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe 4 years ago

@spartan, Could you please give more details as to when this happened ? I am one of the directors there and there is no such rule unless we are out of stock. I have never heard of such a complaint before.
Thank you

Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe 4 years ago