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Nusra Cader
Level 2

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Joined 1 year ago


Again, I'm flabbergasted with the 4/5 rating. I live quite close to kushmi, so I inevitably end up having their food,- Never Fails to Disappoint.
Undercooked paratas, pol rottis, and fried rice. Definitely not worth the price. Avoid it I you can help it

Kushmi Foods 9 months ago

Don't get the harira. Just don't. Like cheap tomato soup from a can, or worse, like watered down puree with some spices. Weirdly sweet.
I'm not sure how Yamu has given this place a 4/5. They've been meh since moving to colpetty.

Arabian Knights 9 months ago

Overpriced for bad quality food. The sambhar was just watery dhal with a lot of chilli. The poori had atta in it and was extremely unpleasant. The onion rrava dhosai was barely crispy. This is. A mockery of Indian food.

Thalis 11 months ago

The place is all fluff and no substance. The food is mediocre, and the prices are silly.

The Cauldron 1 year ago

YAMU, you need to update your reviews.
The place is now called Eat right, a simple vege and noodle salad is 550, the Thai chicken salad is nowhere in sight , and all they have is plain old cafe food. Nothing here is priced less than 450 bucks, except the tiny juices. Kurakkan roti? I wish.

Health Factor 1 year ago