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Joined 8 years ago


Went last night, was a disastrous night. We sat upstairs with two other tables of ppl, and 2 of the 3 tables cleared out without waiting for the food. We waited for 90 minutes before getting 2 out of our 3 dishes, and then just cancelled it and went to KFC out of sheer hunger.

New place, I understand, but the food was not exceptional or anything to validate the ridiculous waiting time. Might hazard a takeaway order, but highly doubt I will return to dine in.

Kami Maki 7 years ago

What is going on here?! Since when did a review of a restaurant have to become some attack on the poor rich businessmen?! It's just a review; the writer is entitled to their opinion and since this is their site, they are entitled to post it. IT'S NOT EVEN THAT MEAN A REVIEW!

Seriously, the culture in Sri Lanka when it comes to any form of critical review is just pathetic. Everything has to be sunshine and rainbows and "the best thing in the world!", otherwise you're biased, classist, racist, sexist, etc…

I've been to BreadTalks twice, and I like the concept; I was just wish they put more effort into making their product as 'high quality' as their kitchens are supposed to be. It's fine if you want to pick up something fancy for a change, but not a place I would frequent. Because clearly, I'm poor and have no taste and I hate rich people.

BreadTalk (Lipton Circus) 8 years ago

Went to check it out but they were closed for some reason. Are they only open for lunch? Btw the location is wrong on the map. It's actually on the opposite lane, Deanstone Place heading towards Galle road.

Min Han 8 years ago