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Burger King in any country is known for it's large burgers (larger than usual, kfc, McD etc) and here in SriLanka its comparatively smaller. That said, the variety is fewer and the burger is nothing special in terms of taste, atleast not as much as we expected. Not a good choice for those who have tried Burger King in many other countries. Cant avoid comparing. Decent for the price I must say as for Lanka. OK!

Burger King (Mount Lavinia) 7 years ago

We got this voucher that they have at and went there for lunch, expected a nice seating area with AC (ofcoz) and there we see a tiny 20 by 20 area where hardly 4 to 8 people can sit and the kitchen is right next to the seating area. It is as if your sitting right beside the kebab grill the flaming heat burning up your face in addition to the amazing weather in Srilanka at 1 pm (tell me about it). THERE IS NOT EVEN A FAN FOR THE SEATING AREA AND THEY SAID THE MAIN CHEF WAS NOT THERE SO THEY HAD NONE OF THE "RICE DISHES" FOR "LUNCH" (what more to say)I would rather refrain from even rating the ambiance and if you insist let me give a big "F". Now coming to the food, they wrap sum burnt rock hard shredded chicken between papadam like kubus/bread. the coleslaw sucks and the falafil was not cooked inside. when we returned it they said they would replace it, which they failed to, plainly ignored us and never even fried new ones. THE WORST PLACE WE HAVE EVER BEEN TO IN TERMS OF EVERYTHING, SERVICE, TASTE AND AMBIANCE. SUCKS TO THE CORE!! PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS SHIT.! I WONT EVEN GIVE A SINGLE STAR OF RATING!

Arabian Knights 7 years ago