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Hey thanks for your comment. I get that service is a huge aspect of any establishment, but beach house has other things going for it that we thought were so good that a visit is highly recommended. We’ve included enough caveats to let people know what to expect re service, and how to adjust accordingly.

Beach House 3 years ago

Of course that depends on how hungry you are and how much of it you want to satiate with straight up oxtail soup, but it’s generally larger than other places you’d get it at in slave island, at least in my experience

Kabeer & Sons, Malay Cuisine 3 years ago

Highland Bottle, hands down. Great value and very very rare these days. Pity that great products like this and Elephant House Bitter Lemon don't get the exposure they deserve

The Milo Challenge 8 years ago

There was a Ben Kingsley film recently shot at Wesley College too. But yeah, you can't really visit it. But a post or two on architecture and brief history with photos may be interesting. Colombians are obsessed with their schools afterall.

Colonial Schools Sri Lanka 8 years ago