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Frutti Natural is the answer to all your midnight Ice Cream cravings, so I suggest always have a tub or two at all times in your freezer, because what can get better than natural, flavoursome, creamy Ice Cream, and Frutti Natural does not fail to deliver.

PS - Try their strawberry Fro-Yo, it'll take you straight to strawberry wonderland

Frutti Natural 2 years ago

DMAQ has the best collection. Plus they're cheaper than the ones sold at places like the envoy mansion
+94 77 944 6676

Place to buy socks 3 years ago

I haven't used, but I have heard that it isn't safe to use autopilot in Sri Lanka. If you plan to use it on roads like the Colombo Matara Expressway, then I don't think you will face such a problem. But on normal Sri Lanka roads I wouldn't trust it. Autopilot on the Tesla cars is designed for roads like the US.

Tesla Autopilot in SL 3 years ago

Go to any shop in unity plaza, they will install it for free

photoshop 3 years ago