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It is upsetting that this establishment has enforced such an unfair, oppressive language policy on its staff. By ordering them to only speak in English and Sinhala, they have made clear which clientele is a priority to them. So is it okay to make jokes in Sinhala? Also, how insecure are these customers, anyway?

Peppermint Cafe 9 months ago

Until they address the glaring issues with their service, I wouldn't recommend locals to go here. Over the years I've been here with different groups and noticed that they only care about tourists, expats and their regulars. Many times I've seen the glass of water scene play out. Not cool.

As for food, I'm usually happy with the grilled prawns, the modha, or the curry pork. Drinks wise always go for the ginger beer or the lemongrass lime.

The Barefoot Cafe 1 year ago

Terribly disappointed. The crispy pork was tough and thready. The deep fried dumplings were lackluster too. Overall underwhelming. Don't understand the hype around this place. Seems inconsistent from how these dishes were described by others who had been here.

Krua Thai by Dao 1 year ago

It's just not the same without Wijepala. Was heartbroken when I went there a little while ago, ordered the usual, only to find that all those dishes had been depreciated in quality. The dumplings have shrunk in size, and they've changed the type of noodles used in the mixed seafood fried noodles. Ugh.

Min Han 1 year ago

They water down the beer. Seriously, the draught Lion beer is watered down. Also, the staff occasionally misbill you. Avoid.

Pub Sinhara 1 year ago

Yamaha Music Centre, 296 Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7

Guitar 2 years ago