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The mixed grill is a lot of food! I like it solely for that. It's all a little dry, though.

Al-Maas 4 years ago

The portions are small and the hummus seems awfully suspicious. They've got new staff but it's still pretty mediocre, overall.

Lebanese Restaurant (First Look) 4 years ago

Overpriced. The worst burger I've ever paid Rs 1200 for. They have a few dishes they do really well, but this was just unacceptable.

The Sooriya Village 4 years ago

Juicy Workout is the best hangover cure, because electrolytes, yea!

Good Life Cafe 4 years ago

Sweet baby Jesus, where do I begin? I always go for the Isla Fisher, because smoked salmon is bae. It's been consistent every time, with a generous portion, beautifully presented. I've also tried the Eggs Benny and it's just so good. I just wish they had a bigger space, al fresco, maybe by the seaside.

One Up All Day Breakfast 4 years ago

My father took me here once, on the way back from a trip, and I quite liked the rustic setting, and the quirky touch of the antique radios and such. The food is top notch. Easily one of the best :)

B-Leaf 4 years ago

Strip-lion steak and eggs
English Fry Up
Croque Madame
Avocado Salad
Three eggs
Mixed seasonal fruits
and Granola

OZO Poolside Brunch 4 years ago

Closenberg has hosted the best parties I've experienced in this country. I've also had the best Lankan breakfasts and rice and curry for lunch, here, as far as Galle is concerned. This one time, they were making burgers at Luna Terrace and it was hands down the juiciest, fattest patty I'd seen. Easily the best burger I ever had. So… yeah.

Closenberg Hotel 4 years ago

Read up on Portuguese accounts of Sri Lanka. "The sin of sodomy is so prevalent in this kingdom of Kotte that it almost frightens us to live here. If one of the prominent men of the kingdom is reproached for not being ashamed of an ugly vice, he replies that they do everything that they see their king doing, for it is their custom." - Portuguese Encounters with Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Translated Texts from the Age of the Discoveries, edited by Chandra R. de Silva, Farnham.

Homosexuality in Sri Lanka 4 years ago