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They've got great value for money when it comes to their breakfast options! The potato omelette with bacon and egg is just too good. Service is prompt and polite.

The Bread Company (German Artisan Bakers) 4 years ago

This place has been closed on quite a number of occasions that I've tried to dine there, mostly for that whole roast chicken. Ordered the grilled chicken with khubz once and it was very disappointing, dry, tough and not worth the money. It might have been arranged pretty but there was barely anything on the plate to warrant the price.

Hazari's 4 years ago

They had Lion Lager, both times I was there.

THE RE.PUB.LK 4 years ago

I hope they consider turning the music down or off in at least one of the areas, perhaps the outdoor area upstairs. Overall, it's way too loud, horribly balanced and not particularly great.

THE RE.PUB.LK 4 years ago

I've heard people tell me they don't feel comfortable at Barefoot because it's always full of foreigners and expats. But, chip on the shoulder aside, perhaps it's because they feel comfortable there, not because the staff turns away locals, but because the food is reasonably priced, executed fairly well and it's just a lovely courtyard to sit in and while away time.

The Barefoot Cafe 4 years ago

Those two are definitely the best. Bombay Sweet Mahal was the go-to-place, back in the day, but now their standard is so bad. Most places just give you onions when it's selling as a 'beef samosa'. You have to try the samosas in the East Coast. Amaaaaaazing!

Where can you get the best samosas in Colombo? 5 years ago

Any cream soda will do. We made our own butterscotch syrup by melting butter with sugar - simple!

Butterbeer (UYAMU) 5 years ago

They do not have set dates for retreats. You have to call them on 034 225 3971 or 011 250 1194 and check whether the Bhikku is at the center. If so, you can drop in as you like. They can accommodate groups of up to 20, and instructions can be provided in English. Hope this helps :)

Exhale, Inhale: Meditation In Colombo 5 years ago