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I tried the prawns (Rs 1000 for small) Aisha recommended and they were super crispy and had a good garlic kick.

I also tried the dumplings (Rs 600 for 10) and they were steamed and smaller than at Min Han but quite delicious and less oily, if a little expensive.

The arrack sour (Rs 550) was poorly executed. Too bitter and no attempt made to balance that.

Service was prompt, polite and helpful.

Nice view, too!

Slightly Chilled 4 years ago

Rs 500 for a chicken cheese dolphin kottu, which wasn't masala though I specifically wanted it spicy. Very little chicken, fairly cheesy, mostly milky.

The kottu doesn't come close to Plaza or Pilla fare, but for the area, it's fine.

Mr. Kottu Restaurant 4 years ago

heard good things. is it better than

Life Food 4 years ago

This post doesn't have the italicized intro explaining what YAMU Loves is, though, to be fair.

As for the cookies, I find them far too sweet.

YAMU Loves: Cookies from Subway 4 years ago

Chicken wings with blue cheese sauce is good. Could be stronger on the cheese but for a local palate it works well.

Service is prompt, polite and helpful.

Reasonable pricing!

Cafe Noir 4 years ago

I found the burgers to be rather bland.
The ingredients had potential, but just a lack of seasoning.

Whight & Co 7 years ago