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Hotel De Plaza

We parked 200 meters ahead because there was a queue. Good food, 20 minutes later. One of us, not me, had to put a walk to get it out but it was worth it. Chicken Cheese Dolphin, Masala, dope. Get extra

Hotel De Plaza 4 years ago


Min Han

You need to befriend Wijayapala. To do this, you must go there once by yourself at lunch time, by noon. Order a beer and ask him for the menu. Tell him you want one of the more authentic sounding dishes, and he will deny you. Then, ask him to suggest something. Go with it in order to establish trust. Once he knows you trust him, he is more likely to let you get adventurous. Over the years, here are the dishes he's allowed me to try: Beef Noodle Soup, Beansprout and Tofu, Hot Garlic Fish Fillet, Pork Belly with Black Fungus, Seafood Fried Noodles and Pork Dumplings. I'm still waiting for the day he let's me order a whole fish with all the sides their Chinese customers order. Fingers crossed!

Min Han 4 years ago


Quick Thai (Battaramulla)

For the sticks, this is a good bet. Pad thai options aren't authentic but suit the local pallete. Lots of soy sauce. Green curry, tofu, mushrooms, sates veg diets as well. Service is prompt enough though they tend to hide behind the counter which is hidden from view from the dining area. Ambience sucks, but whatever.

Quick Thai (Battaramulla) 4 years ago


Bavarian German Restaurant

Food was on point.

Called and made a reservation first and the service was accomodating as we arrived.

It wasn't too busy a night. Perhaps, that's why.

Bavarian German Restaurant 4 years ago


Bakes By Bella

Foodwise, the "Chicken of the Sea" (Rs 750) that was described as smoked salmon, rocket leaves and cream cheese, also featured onions, tomatoes and cucumber. The unnecessary ingredients took away from the smoked salmon, despite the generous amount. I pulled them out and ate it, so. Shape.

Ambience unwise, the inspiration quote tiles were a bit noisy in all their peppy positivity, and the music was dece but totally out of place. I somehow imagined this would be the type of place that would play Ed Sheeran.

Service wise they seemed alright. The waiter asked how the food was after, I just wished he had mentioned the onions when I placed the order.

Bakes By Bella 4 years ago


Cafe Chill

They've upgraded as of January 1, 2017 and it looks amazing! The structure is turpentine and palmyrah on the top floor with a high ceiling. Ambience upgrade, say whaaa! The drinks are fab and the food is on point as expected

Cafe Chill 4 years ago


New Gadaby Rest Inn (Kaththankudy)

Tried their Chicken Dolphin Kottu (Rs 450) and Roast Chicken (Half for Rs 500). Bomb!

They don't just fry the whole chicken and dry it out like most places. It's a proper rotisserie! They call it "Grill Chicken" though, go figure :p

It's succulent and has a flavourful skin that's kind of glassy. I loved it.

The dolphin was something else altogether. With a proper vegetable curry type scene going on, not on the masala side of spicy, but creamy, and nice thick chunks of juicy chicken. Best kottu I've had on the East Coast, easily.

The samosas are still on point as well. Service is the same, though I befriended my waiter this time.

New Gadaby Rest Inn (Kaththankudy) 4 years ago


Slightly Chilled

I tried the prawns (Rs 1000 for small) Aisha recommended and they were super crispy and had a good garlic kick.

I also tried the dumplings (Rs 600 for 10) and they were steamed and smaller than at Min Han but quite delicious and less oily, if a little expensive.

The arrack sour (Rs 550) was poorly executed. Too bitter and no attempt made to balance that.

Service was prompt, polite and helpful.

Nice view, too!

Slightly Chilled 4 years ago


Mr. Kottu Restaurant

Rs 500 for a chicken cheese dolphin kottu, which wasn't masala though I specifically wanted it spicy. Very little chicken, fairly cheesy, mostly milky.

The kottu doesn't come close to Plaza or Pilla fare, but for the area, it's fine.

Mr. Kottu Restaurant 4 years ago


Cafe Noir

Chicken wings with blue cheese sauce is good. Could be stronger on the cheese but for a local palate it works well.

Service is prompt, polite and helpful.

Reasonable pricing!

Cafe Noir 4 years ago