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Firstly this place is very nice and stuff!! I don't want to be a spoil sport, but these guys need to improve ALOT when it comes to service, customer service is basically nil. I have waited for more than 45mins to 1 hours till my food comes when I dropped in for dining once! Their food sadly doesn't taste the same everytime (I still go there Coz it's the nearest restaurant for me and is a fair value for money) I mean I'm not crying about everything, but you guys need to improve the service and few other parts. Sometimes it's stinky inside, sticky tables, and grumpy uneducated guy on the cashier. He never wears a smile on his face! I just called to place and order and he took my main dish order and just hung up on me before I could order any drinks. That's sad!
Owner please look more into this business, you can do a better job! Try to make people wait less also. I just wanted to let u know this so you can improve. Overall I'd give this place a 6/10 ! Good luck .

Candle Light Hut 5 years ago

lol :D
the review just rocks… ''not a good place to take girls'' haha :D

The Castle Hotel 8 years ago