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So you actually use NicNac? How does that work? It's a monthly subscription, right?

Sri Lankan Apps 3 years ago

Hahaha. If you want Apple computer stuff the best bet is to get someone to hand carry it from abroad, if you know anyone like that. It seems to get hit with heavy duties here.

Places like Abans do have very long-term 0% interest plans, which can easy the sting.

Apple Products? 3 years ago

We got a cot and changing table made from Elegant Smockers. The cot is fine, but the drawer on the changing table is a bit busted.

Baby Room Furniture 3 years ago

If you want to eat, Alexandra & Ward or Nihonbashi or most Japanese restaurants here serve ramen.

If you want to make at home, you can get from Jalanka (

Ramen noodles 3 years ago

Tourism is definitely your best bet. A lot of these hotels are looking for resident managers, and they're usually happy to find people that can both deal with people in person and navigate TripAdvisor and all the email and other digital correspondence they want to do. I would honestly just find some places you like and email them.

Serious question - The best location to live in Sri Lanka? 3 years ago

Luxottica is a company that has a near monopoly on frames. You may see brand names like Ray Ban or Armani or countless others, but they're all from one company.

They use their near monopoly to jack up prices on what should be a much cheaper product.

There's an Adam ruins everything episode about it

Eyeglasses 3 years ago