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There's a place near the walkway at the Maradana junction. There's some stops as you go up the stairs. Not sure if that helps.

Bag Zip Repair? 3 years ago

There's a basketball court off Perahera Mawatha which is free I think

Basketball courts 3 years ago

Michael Meyler conducts some great classes, mainly for expats but they're helpful for getting to beginner level. That was at British Council. I think there are also classes at BMICH.

Learning sinhala and tamil 3 years ago

It's not petty, it's your name. As Malinthe said, call 1919 and see the process. It's not that difficult, I think some paperwork and putting a notice in the papers

Birth certificate name change 3 years ago

Maybe Hameedia's? Perhaps the Envoy Mansion on Duplication?

Mens Shirt Braces 3 years ago

Tatler's costs very very little and the lady is very nice

Tatlers Tea 3 years ago