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We've developed some more functionality for the app - ratings, advanced search, time-based recommendations. Those of course, will also be reflected on the site.

The main reason for an app is a broad question which applies to any site, really. For us the advantages of an app are that we can increase speed, users are always logged in (more personalization), we can control more of the user experience (using gestures and stuff), etc. We also have plans for offering location based services which require an app as a base.

And yes the app will be free.

Also Nikolai, the app will not track your call records at all. The main permissions it asks for are to call phone numbers (if you want to dial a restaurant from the app), send SMS (not using this yet, but you could send text messages in a similar way). For any of these actions you have to request it from in the app. We also use GPS/cell-location to show places near you.

Invites For The YAMU Android App 7 years ago

EAP is pretty good but it's more of a bar (, near Borella Junc. Around Narahenpita the Jagro Strawberry place is amazing, but desserts. We've heard that Red Fort Cafe (off Baseline, near British School) is good but haven't tried it yet

Good Restaurants around Borella - Narahenpitiya? 7 years ago

Vintage what? Vintage jewelry and swords and stuff there are a few, Hewage's is good. Vintage clothes, well there is a random shop at the corner of Thimbirigasaya and Havelock Road that has old shoes and stuff

Vintage Sri Lanka 7 years ago

:). Not yet, but we have Android coming out on May 1st, inshallah. iOS one month after that

Yamu app for mobiles 7 years ago

Carino's doesn't really have an outlet of its own now, but it is distributed through places like the VoC Cafe at DBU. No Sundaes tho, just packaged ice cream.

The Ice Cream Challenge: Top 5 (2012) 7 years ago