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That sounds awesome. There's definitely a late night market in Pettah, near the bus stand. Diyawanna Oya don't think so, though they do have the Good Market there on Thursdays

Night Market in Colombo 7 years ago

Una is so close that we usually stay there. Sunil's Garden Guest House is nice and cheap, as is the South Ceylon Vegetarian place. Both are clean and good and under 3k. They're walking distance from the beach and Rs. 100 tuk to Galle

Inexpensive yet non-seedy hotels in Galle 7 years ago

Colombo not sure, there's this guy Mads Jensen Raundsbaek in Hikkaduwa who's supposed to be good. He splits his time between here and the Netherlands I think. He's profiled in the current (Creativity) issue of the LT

Tattoo artists in Colombo 7 years ago

Sugar is amazing, easily our go-to spot, one of the only places that does middle-class dining well. The steak sandwich is great. 20 people is a lot of their capacity, be sure to call and book of course, and it may be hard for them on weekends.

Tapas plus main you could do for 1,200 to 2,000 per head, depending. The tapas are pretty big but not mains, you can see some photos on the review (

It's a great place. Not sure if it helps but you could mention YAMU when you call, we think they know the name.

Sugar Bistro 7 years ago

We've done the Rio's Ice Cream ( We need to do some more

Rio Ice Cream. 7 years ago

You were getting the old mobile site. It should be OK now. Let us know if there's anymore problems.

Green Cabin 7 years ago

We like Sits and Munchkin, but we probably wouldn't do it as a showdown. Cupcake makers usually do it at home and out of love, after a point it's a matter of taste

Cupcake showdown 7 years ago