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Depends on the age… Park Street Mews is a reliable big space.

Birthday party! 7 years ago

You take a boat there and you can snorkel around (but bring your own snorkel). Besides that you can just swim, try the other side from where you land, there's a nice cove.

If you can, bring some sort of pool shoes. You shouldn't be touching the coral at all, but if you do it hurts.

Things to do in Trinco 7 years ago

A&M Cupcakes was pretty good ( Convenient, just across from Barefoot on Galle Road. Our fav is Munchkin (, but that's ordering

Cupcakes 7 years ago

We love Vespa. If you're looking for posher places you can check out Breeze Bar nearby, our bars section is pretty diverse (

Vespa Sports Club 7 years ago

It would be awesome to have such a list. We'll put together something comprehensive next week.

Happy hour in pubs? 7 years ago

We were based in Dehiwala to start so our coverage has been limited. Now we're in Colombo 8 and can start venturing further northwards. Found this toddy tavern next to the port we've been meaning to check out

YAMU's Guide To Colombo's Dodgy Bars 7 years ago