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Cats deliver the goods.

JK, that's Edgar, he hangs around the office.

AV Store 7 years ago

You can get soya products at almost any supermarket, or even kade. The Raigam brand springs to mind. Not sure if there are more specialized shops but will ask around

Mock meats 7 years ago

There are reading rooms and outdoor spaces at the National Museum ( that are good for studying, but not for plugging in a laptop.

Barefoot is actually OK early in the morning. Otherwise coffeeshops

Where in Colombo can you Sit and Study or do some work? 7 years ago

The new Crossroads on Nawala Road is good (

Original Post Unavailable 7 years ago

Gallery Cafe ( is an old reliable favorite. Unless you order carefully that can push 4000k though.

Havelock Bungalow is also romantic and nice. (

Romantic Dinner(Candle Light) or Lunch 7 years ago

yes, it seems so

Original Post Unavailable 7 years ago

Oh, and we've bought a laptop from them before and been to most of the branches, so not a complete first impression 7 years ago

Well, I guess the comments speak for themselves. Our laptop hasn't melted yet and it was cheap. I suppose shop with caution 7 years ago

lawn furniture, we corrected it. They seem to be moving the law furniture around

The World Of Outdoor 7 years ago