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We'll add that and sharing options back, thank you

Original Post Unavailable 7 years ago

Yeah, there's Hunter in Nawala and Hunter in Liberty Plaza

Garden Shops 7 years ago

Brana's or Beema's, Colpetty Market. Not cheap but they usually have the best imports

Sour cream 7 years ago

apparently Cason's Rent-A-Car, will ask around some more

Jeep rental 7 years ago

Raheem's on Issipathana Mawatha (off Havelock Road, the other side of Dickman's Road) is decent and has good service. It's about 10m up from Havelock Road.

Tailor in Colombo 7 years ago

Yarl Eat House is good, if spicy. That would have been the cheap winner in our Quest For Crab post.

I think the LT magazine also has a thorough breakdown of crab eateries in their upcoming mag. Till then, tho, Yarl Eat House, hole in the wall near Wellawatte Junction.

CRABS CRABS CRABS??? 7 years ago