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That is a good question. We couldn't find too many public pools, but the school pool at Thurstan, I believe, allows people to swim and then there are places like Swimming Club (expensive membership) and Otters (not sure)

5 Colombo Swimming Pools 8 years ago

Word up peoples. We tried the Highland Bottle and it is the best.

It is non-UHT (nuclear apocalypse ready) like the other contenders, so not entirely fair, but it is a clear best in terms of taste. We've added it above

The Milo Challenge 8 years ago

O and Fort don't sell the big bottles, so we took their prices and calculated what 625 ml would cost. Those are the prices for draught (330 and 300 ml, respectively). Actually those aren't the prices, the real prices are 185 and 160 for O and Fort Cafe.

Since we're comparing the prices of 625 ml worth, we calculated the price per ml and multiplied to get a price for that value, as mentioned in the post.

How Much Does A Beer Really Cost? (A Survey Of 21 Places) 8 years ago

My mum has a trick where she puts roast paan in Ziploc bags and freezes them. You can then microwave and they taste fine. Interesting point about the oil though. Paan does tend to not preserve well beyond a day, tho the freezer trick does seem to work.

Paan Paan 8 years ago

We need to get zoom working on that map. It's on Lorensz Road, so go down Duplication past Dickman's then turn up (left) at the Hindu College turn. It's past Hindu College, just before Layard's Road.

Paan Paan 8 years ago