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This place has many options, few of which are available. I ordered a hot dog which was fine, though it took nearly half an hour. Bhagya paid for a lamprais which didn't exist and is still waiting for a replacement fried rice.

This place is basically an empty food court, waiting for inspirations

Colombo Bistro 3 years ago

washing bags dunno. If you have time online stores are great. Nuwara Eliya has amazing winter styles, but bit far

Laundry washing bags 3 years ago

It is possible, but don't. Talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Sri Lanka doesn't have many, but there are good ones. It's good for anyone to go to a therapist

Depression 3 years ago

It really depends what you're into. There are a lot of villas in that region on AirBnB, as well as big hotels like Lighthouse, or boutique hotels aplenty. Is there a specific price range, location or feature set that attracts you?

Good hotel at Hikkaduwa or Gall 3 years ago

Between Mount and Colombo is Dehiwela, and there aren't many villas there. Your best bet for villas is to check out

Weekend chilax 3 years ago

Go to their website, they deliver here. Or just put superglue and playdoh together

Sugru 3 years ago

I love this place, I do, but lately I just can't deal with the sheer amount of flies. The thieving crows, the friendly if insistent cat, those I could live with. But the flies are just too much. I hope it changes

Lantheruma (The Lantern) 3 years ago

If you want Italian and buffet then Echo at Cinnamon Grand

Dinner Buffet 3 years ago