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This place is a very unique experience since no place in SL has such comic theme. But the ambience could have been better to have the meal. Suffered to park the vehicle since didnt had sufficient parking!

01. Strawberry Iced Tea - Tastes good nd for the price | 3.5/5
02. Hazelenut Chocolate drink - Wasn't as expected, had more of a coffee based. Drink was ok though. | 3/5
03. Crispy chicken burger - everything was superb except the batter covered for the chicken. Totally ruined the taste of the burger. Mixture of the batter could have been better! Except that, chicken was perfectly cooked nd tasted fresh also the bun itself was tasty. Was served with french fries where the fry could have been some more longer. I hope that french fries was made in house, could tastes its freshness. | 2.5/5
04. Pasta, Mushroom kingdom special, chicken - it was a good pasta bt barely had chicken in the dish, generous portion. Overall it was good. Could have been better for the price paid. | 3.5/5

Since it was our first visit to the restaurant, asked the attendant to suggest the best pasta. But he explained how it is served! Anyhow, an adequate experience! All the best team👌 3/5

Geek HQ 1 year ago