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One of those very authentic-sounding articles I read in Yamu after a good long while :) Do keep posting more stuff like this one which are hardly spotted by others in town.

Cows Getting Kicked Out Of Colombo 3 years ago

In case if some patriot would see how you've miss-spelt Sumangala, in the post about Gangarama temple as 'Sumanagala' , only late Rev. Sumangala, will be able to save u from a deluge of hate comments down here :) and BTW about the Viharamahadevi park, out of all the places of entertainment in Sri Lanka, only in its kids play area, that an accessible swing and an accessible merry-go-round are fixed so far.

Top 10 Sights & Sites in Colombo 3 years ago

IMCD, AIESEC Sri Lanka, AIESEC alumni Sri Lanka, Enable Lanka Foundation and several other orgs have joined hands to distribute the following needed items for the people in the areas affected by floods… 1. cooked lunch packets (Can sponsor 90 RS per packet)
2. Drinking water (2L and 5L bottles)
3. Cream cracker biscuits (500 G packs)
4. Sliced bread
6. Jam / Marmite
7. Medicine (Panadol, bandages, plasters, cotton, Betadine and Dettol.
8. Sanitary items (Tooth brushes, soap, sanitary pads)
9. Mosquito Coils.
10. Candles and boxes of matches. the FB event link is here :

Flood Relief 2016 - How To Help 4 years ago

මේ review එක නම් නියමයි හැබැයි පෙන්වාදෙන්න පොඩි ම පොඩි අඩුපාඩුවක් සහ වරදක් තියනවා… 1. මේ ගමන දුම්රියෙන් ගිහින් යන්නත් පුළුවන්. ඇත්තටම බස් ගමනකට වඩා දුම්රිය ගමන විනෝදජනකයි පරිසරය චමත්කාරජනකයි…
2. ලක්‍ෂ්මන කියන්නේ රාමගේ අයියා නෙවෙයි මල්ලි :)

Ravana Falls (Ella) 4 years ago

You gotta include places like Food waves Nugegoda (kandewatta road near Wetland), and near bellanvila, Even Maharagama Nelum kole has a nice assortment of vege meals although they aren't limited for vege stuff. Then there's Sooryas right next to Sarasvathi cafe (Same owner I heard) And Ameertha, Amarwathi in Bamba, Royal bakery in Wellawatta, Vege hut in Rattannapitiya, Krishna vila in hettiweediya, Shriyani in pettah (2nd cross streat as I remember) , popular old Shri Vihar, Neelagiri new vege hotel in peddah, and of course every other saivar joint in town :D

The Veg Roundup: 10 Vegetarian Options In Colombo 5 years ago

Thanks a guzzilion for this guys… I knew only Shanmugas and Mathura out of the list. I know that Vegehut somewhere in Rattanapitiya to be another good spot for Vege folks… and there's this very cheep and quality food for vegans at that buddhist whatever thing near College house… I can't remember what it is called sorry for that:-/
I'm really grateful for u guys for having this very interest itself as I'm a born vegetarian hunting for good spots cause I wish to remain a vegan till the end of my days:D

Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants In Colombo 7 years ago

I think there should be a segment called "nogihin imu!" for such places in the yamu site:-D

Wok In A Box 7 years ago