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Joined 7 years ago


Overpriced, chairs and table arrangements are just so close together, it was really hard to move. The Dj's are great. Service is not pleasant.

Sky Lounge (Kingsbury) 6 years ago

The place looks really good, clean and airconditioned to perfection, the staff (saw only one waiter and the manager) were kind (the manager served us the food very profesionally)
There was a promotion where a beef burger was around 350 or something and I got to know that it was just the burger, no side french fries. And the picture had two beef patties and looked great and big and I was rather suprised it was around that price range and since I was hungry I got the whole dish, with french fries and coleslaw and asked if the burger that I was gonna get will have two patties like in the photo the waiter showed me and he said yes. The burger that was served to me was small (The bread was good) and the portion of the french fries were just not that adequate and the coleslaw presented looked something that was just put for presentation, that was small in portions size too. There was only one beef patty and it was not a patty to be honest, it looked like two meatballs smashed together. It had some oily skin part which was like between the meat, it was so leathery and i had to just collapse the burger and eat the patty (more like murder it with my knife and fork) and eat it (viciously bite it for like 4 minutes) but I could not swallow it down being afraid that I was going to choke on it so I just put it back on the plate. I know it's not a very pleasant thing to do but I had to do it under the circumstances and to show them the struggling I had. The egg on the burger was an really over salty omelette. There was no sauce or condiment that made the burger give at least some proper taste that I used the ketchup they gave in a small saucer on the plate for the small portion of french fries. The choice of meat was really disgusting. The patty was also over salted as well. Worst burger I had from a "fancy" place. And the napkin I had looked like it has not moved from the table in months, it was all dusty and it was really not appealing. Some of the chairs were broken,
Props to the staff and the fast delivery of food (took around 7 minutes)

Chatz 6 years ago

Love the food, portions are amazing! But the service quality is sooo low! The workers that work look so frustrated and dirty and sweaty which is not a really good sight to see! Doubting if the food is clean….overall the food can be balanced with the seasoning! they sometimes season it waaay too much!

Alumka Food Cabin 7 years ago

The food is okay, well flavoured. The ambiance of the place does not look indian AT ALL which is disappointing. But love the staff. I went here for my birthday and they managed to bring out the suprise cake my sister organaized and they lit up the candle and the Manager came in with the cake and sang and he took a pic of us and the waiters were also nice. Remodelling of the place should be done though.

The Mango Tree 7 years ago

I go to this shop at least once a week because my school is near this shop! They food is pretty awesome, clean and tasty. The place is cool and fresh and a very nice place to just relax and grab a bite! The owners are really sweet and have a smile all the time! Hate the fact that it's closed most of the times now!!

LeeSH 7 years ago