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Very accurate review. Very spacious restaurant, parking available. Service is speedy, menu/options vast. But quality of food is average, and at times below average.

Having been there twice i ve decided i am not going again. Instead i go for Thaalis in Park Road. Very similar menu, but significantly better, fresher food.

Thiru Murugan's Food Waves 4 years ago

I would recommend Lamprais at Elite, which is half the price of most listed in this article. Sometimes its hard to get hold of it, because it gets sold out fast-they make limited quantity.

The one at Malay Restaurant is also decent-although with a more Indian/Muslim touch. Their Lamprais is a pretty large portion, which can easily fill two people.

Lamprais 4 years ago

Terrific write up, touching some key issues. As a Bangladeshi living in SL, i can add that HR is a major obstacle not only for foreign investment but even local companies. Although Bangladesh is known for apparel, the largest shoe making factory, furniture factory are all there. Matter of time before BD starts attracting investment in more higher value added products. Besides the "Cheap Labor" theory, employees in BD work harder, lengthier periods, more committed.

Whether you want to start an IT company or manufacturing, can you find employees in SL? Even if you do, it will be at very high wage, and chances are they will get 3 months experience and get a job in ME or prefer to be unemployed. And count the number of freakin holidays. We all love it, but whats the impact? Just think as a foreign investor, why would you invest in SL?

Doing business in SL is tricky, but processes, government services still a lot smoother than neighboring countries. Corruption here is a walk in the park compared to BD.

Govt has to fix the workforce issue. Labor laws skewed towards employees, quality of education/training outdated. Pretty soon the issue of ageing population will arise. If it cannot resolve the workforce, at least allow companies to bring in labor from abroad.

Why Don't Foreigners Want to Invest In Sri Lanka? 4 years ago

This Dinemore seems to have an expanded menu with some interesting offerings. But service, ambience, hygiene wise probably one of the more average. They have such such a large crowd coming in the waitstaff seem fatigued, devoid of any motivation to serve with smile and enthusiasm. So many times when i ve asked for something they directly say not there, not there not there. No intent to apologize for not having an item, or suggesting an alternative. They also dont seem to mind if you decide to get up and walk of-very as you wish, as you please mentality.

The tables, floor, wash area are also extremely dirty, not maintained.

This branch has a lot of potential, being in a fabulous location, having a nice setting. Also find some of the items in menu exciting. But they need to work the service, ambience, availability of popular items. Else they ll keep bringing down the Dinemore brand name

Dinemore (Moors Sports Club) 5 years ago

The KGN Burger is really impressive. Good ingredients: Iceberg lettuce, thousand island sauce, a nice slice of cheese, big sesame bun, and a very generous patty. Overall reminds me of the streetside burgers in Malaysia. Many of the other lower priced places go stingy on the ingredients and portions, but not KGN.

Burgers 5 years ago