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Dear Sanjana Hattotuwa, you mean to say that they are NOT the two leading candidates? You don't mean that there are other 'leading' candidates? Is it a relation of yours? Are we in for a massive shock come the 9th of January when a complete unknown wins the executive presidency? Who is your source? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Sri Lanka Voting Guide (2015) #PresPollSL 5 years ago

Y'all just went full retard. BUT IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY. XD

The YAMU Office 5 years ago

This is where I have lunch from almost every day. And this issue is 100% legit.

Buth Amma 5 years ago

Most Supermarkets. I've bought from Arpico before, so there for sure.

Pesto Sauce? 6 years ago

That looks awesome. That being said, brace yourselves, the self righteous bigots with 'fasting' not 'feasting' are inbound.

The Kingsbury Ifthar (2014) 6 years ago

There's a shop in Majestic City called Jacket Corner I think that has fairly good winter clothes. As does House of Fashion and for more expensive clothes, Odel.

Places to buy winter wear in Sri Lanka 6 years ago

You want reviews done immediately. Why don't you commission Yamu to do a review. As in pay them. Don't be freeloaders and take good things for granted. This is why we can't have nice things.

How Long does it take Yamu to do a review??? 7 years ago

I tried the place out recently. The shawarma was not too bad and seemed the best value for money. The Beef burger was tasty but the patty was pretty small. The mount burger was not too bad either.But like you said, I agree that they could do with a couple of small improvements. Service was however fast, but that could well be because there was only one customer besides me.

Mount Burger 7 years ago