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Would be great if you can mention whether it is only for Credit cards or also for Debit cards

Christmas Deals 2015 4 years ago

You should write about the buffets at restaurants like raja bojun & akasa kade etc where most people are interested when it comes to bufets

Buffets in Colombo (2018) 4 years ago

Hi guys I'm the one who asked this question and upto today I have tried high tea in three places Kingsbury, Galle face hotel & Galadari. For me the best is galle face hotel. Plenty of variety and buffet style and everything was delicious. But unfortunately now its no more due to their renovation process. Hope it will be back soon after the renovation is over. 2nd will go to Galadari because Kingsbury didn't have a buffet style high tea when I went a year go which limits you to a few options. But the service was really good and staff were friendly at Kingsbury. Not sure whether Kingsbury still do a normal high tea & if they are they should really consider having a buffet style high tea because it will attract more. Galadari high tea was very cheap and had plenty of choices when I went last time few months ago.

comments on high tea at Kingsbury? Is it good compared to galle face hotel high tea? 4 years ago