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Steak and stout isn't a strange combination - it's a famous flavour pairing, used for centuries in the UK, and beloved there and Australia (and a bunch of other countries that have had an English influence)!

Baker's Choice 2 years ago

"In Sri Lanka, cinnamon rolls aren't very cheap"

There's no need to soften it, this is extortionate.

Cinnabrown 2 years ago

Not legally, but yes they're available if you ask around enough. You'll find a trishaw driver that will be able to source them - especially if you ask one of the drivers that hang around tourist spots. The ones in front of Crescat, MC etc.

Just beware they won't be legal to purchase, officially, and you might be ripped off, so negotiate a price first.

Marlboro 2 years ago

Imagine the reaction of a Sri Lankan mother finding out her kid has paid 5-10k for a Sri Lankan cooking class! Hahaha

Also, for foreigners, there are plenty of these classes in every tourist spot around the country for far cheaper. The Dewmini Roti Shop in Mirissa does it for like 3k, and you make 5/6 curries. This place sounds a rip-off really.

Aunty's Sri Lankan Cooking Class 2 years ago

Well, they can definitely get rid of the name 'English Breakfast' - chicken ham and chicken sausages?! Horrendous.

Breakfast At Isso 2 years ago

Every one of the big hotels are doing viewings. All big pubs too.

World Cup Screenings 2 years ago

If it's only a small number of people, Bayleaf has a lovely small private room upstairs. No extra charge, you can ask to reserve the room. Perfect to surprise someone.

Venue for birthday surprise 2 years ago

There's plenty of Airbnb places that would work. Also, Hilton Residencies have nice apartments that would also suit - their events/service department is fantastic too.

Apartment to hold a party? 2 years ago

Fresheez on Jawatte Rd always has lots of ripe avocados.

Ripe Avocados 2 years ago