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The chicken wasn't cooked through?? So it was raw?? If so, probably needs a far lower rating - seriously dangerous to customers.

M'eat US Bar & Grill 2 years ago

What did the pizza and drinks cost?

It's odd in an area with a large number of tourists, restaurants still insist on using the monstrosity that is chicken 'bacon'.

Cafe Guru 2 years ago

The official ones are available at Branas (or Bheemas) at Kollupitiya Market. They're a bit pricey - about 1500 for a pack, if my memory is right.

Also, Clover on Jawatte Rd does pods that fit Nespresso machines. They're imported from Australia, good quality, and about 800 for a pack.

Nespresso Pods 2 years ago

1) No, coffee enthusiasts don't drink instant coffee.

2) A macchiato has no caramel, and has nothing to do with caramel. It's an espresso with a drop of frothed milk. That's it.

3) Matcha isn't coffee. It's green tea. So is this matcha tea with coffee? Is it matcha flavoured coffee?

Aik Cheong Coffee: A Taste Test 2 years ago

Agreed - this place is very good!

Also, Yamu, you should tag this as delivery, as they deliver through UberEats.

Fire & Ice Pizzeria 2 years ago

Um… These are private companies. You can talk with your wallet, and not choose to spend money at these places? There's a reason prices are the way they are… People pay them.

Regulating private companies in this way is a slippery slope and NOT positive for the country.

regulating prices of cafe food? 2 years ago

What exactly are you looking for? What kind of budget are you talking about?

Arienti and G Flock have a good selection of women's clothing - plenty of stuff that's not too expensive. Certainly cheaper than Odel.

Shopping with girlfriend 2 years ago