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First - no one has the right to judge you, you are a consenting adult.

My wife visits Dr Samanthi Premarathne and highly recommends her. She is very professional, and we went to her following recommendations from several other friends. She is regularly at Lanka Hospital.

Pregnancy tests 2 years ago

Most big pharmacies sell it - or cialis - you will need a prescription for it.

Where to buy Viagra? 2 years ago

Pretty well-explained, thanks.

Though I imagine a company that pays for advertising on the site very rarely gets negative reviews…or else they'd stop paying for advertising.

Does YAMU Get Paid For Reviews? 2 years ago

Spot on - easily the best chocolate cake in Colombo. I've been getting birthday cakes from them for the past couple of years and they're a pleasure to deal with too, great service, great products… All-around great place.

YAMU Loves: Chocolate Treat Cake at The Cake Factory 2 years ago

Mount Lavinia Hotel has a nice lunch buffet - with seafood. Best view in Colombo too.

Birthday lunch date 2 years ago

It'd be great to include comparisons to other buth kades - 350 is pretty steep for vegetarian rice and curry compared to other well-reviewed places. For example, is it better than Udumbara in Thimbirigasaya (that serves meat - for 220 odd)?

Organic is all well and good, but for the vast majority of Sri Lankans, selling an everyday product like rice and curry for 150-200 more than other really good kades based on an ethical or environmental basis really isn't enough. It has to be a much better product taste-wise than comparative restaurants.

I know Yamu is really pushing their partnership with PickMe Food - so this place was always likely to be favourably reviewed (even unconsciously), but there needs to be some kind of rationale for why to go here other than the myriad of other good rice and curry joints for that price.

Ranbath 2 years ago

Lagoon is better from those two options. It's also a bit more secluded - Kingsbury view is a bit poor now with the construction too.

Birthday lunch date 2 years ago