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What a sad sight it is to see how poor this place is now compared to years ago. Miserable service - often have to wait while the staff finish chatting amongst themselves before you're served. Coffee is served lukewarm and takes an age to arrive. Lighting inside is very dim - not in a romantic way, more of a 'we can't be bothered updating' kind of way.

The cakes are still fine. Some very good, some mediocre.

Sadly, it seems the owners have done nothing to fix the issues despite having several poor reviews.

English Cake Company 2 years ago

I think Power World is probably cheapest - there's one in Colombo 7.

Gym 2 years ago

Lagoon at Cinnamon Grand is great for seafood. It's also tucked away at the back, you could call the restaurant and ask for a table by the window.

Birthday Lunch 2 years ago

Problem with this place is it's an Irish pub…with absolutely zero Guinness.

The Irish 2 years ago

So far, so good, in terms of my experiences - have used the service 6/7 times now. The app could use some work - everytime you back out of a restaurant menu, it takes you to the top of the list of restaurants…which can be frustrating when you want to view stuff before purchasing…involves multiple repeated scrolling.

A lot of the stuff is pretty similar to other delivery options - no real USP, but it's well-executed.

Interested to see who between PickMe and UberEats introduces delivery charges first. I imagine it'll be PickMe, given Uber's much deeper pockets, but until then, good service.

Restaurants That Deliver Dinner Through PickMe Food 2 years ago

I just had food from these guys delivered through Uber Eats, and was really impressed with the burger and doner chicken - beef burger was a good size patty, very flavourful, and cheap for what you get (550 for the mushroom and cheese beef burger).

So I'd disagree it's not worth the excursion, but the good thing is you don't need to leave the house to get it.

Snack Shack 2 years ago

Parliament. If that doesn't get you laughing, no other comedy joint will.

Stand-up comedy 2 years ago

Sounds great then. Though the initial post mentioned a delivery charge so I was unaware that changed. Look forward to using it when it's available in Colombo.

I suppose the other difference is Uber Eats has no commission charge - but will wait and see what PickMe is like

pickme food 2 years ago

Alternatively - just use Uber Eats. No delivery charge, no minimum order. They'll have the same variety of restaurants too (all food delivery companies seem to have the same restaurants)

pickme food 2 years ago