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No mention of the HIGHLY unfortunate name choice? :D

Doggers 3 years ago

Yamu - is it really too much to ask that at a place called 'The Coffee Rooms', we actually get a review of the coffee?? Rather than two chocolate drinks?

The Coffee Rooms 3 years ago

Vacintha is correct - OSC and British are significantly higher than Gateway. British is about triple the cost. OSC is exorbitant - they actually have their rates posted on the website you could check out. Sit down while you read it!

College fees 3 years ago

"some really interesting menu items Dublin Coddle"

"it didn't taste as well as it could have been."

"was again, did not have the best presentation"

"They did, however, served fruit juices and mocktails"

"the food took about good 40 minutes to arrive."

"If they could get improve their food and presentation"

- Does an editor even check these articles anymore?

The Four Leafed Clover 3 years ago