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"they have added a bit too many additives because as soon as I ate it, I felt bloated and very drowsy."

- Have you asked the staff what was added to the dish? Or notified them when ordering of any possible food sensitivities? If not, probably not best to make this claim, given you've no proof and could be entirely coincidental.

The Gallery Café 3 years ago

I've seen them at Arpico in the veg section. Also saw them at Jawatte Food City. They're around, but not always available. When you find them, it's a good idea to put them in a sandwich bag and freeze them so you have a bunch for future use.

Where can i get Kafir lime leaves 3 years ago

Hate to harp on, but in the tag line Yamu has said this is a coffee shop. And you've reviewed just one coffee drink. No details about the coffee beans. No selection of different coffee style drinks. At the very least, if only one coffee is going to be reviewed - at a coffee shop - surely it should be an espresso??

Cafe Sociale 3 years ago

If you're going to give a special shout out to the coffee… Could you at least try and provide more info about the coffee? Where was it sourced? Do they roast and grind it on-site? Etc.

Describing a mocha as having a chocolate taste is kind of redundant, given that's what a mocha is.

The Embazzy 3 years ago

You can get them fresh at Kollupitiya Market from the seafood stalls. Best to go early, as they sell out. If you ask one of the seafood sellers, they will be able to contact you when they have scallops and you can collect them later in the day.

Scallops in Colombo ? 3 years ago

Just a small note - serving chicken bone-in does nothing to 'keep the meat moist and tender'.

Cooking bone-in does that, but it doesn't need to be served with the bone to retain moistness or tenderness.

Uncaged Bites : Grilled Chicken 3 years ago

Most big supermarkets will sell crab meat in the frozen section. I know Arpico Hyde Park, Food City Jawatte, Keels Thimbirigasaya all have it.

Crab Meat ? 3 years ago

K-9 in Nawala is probably the best - very large selection of treats, toys, pet supplies etc.

Treats you can get at most supermarkets too.

Toys for pets 3 years ago