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Worth giving Shipito or any of the other US forwarding companies a try - you also get the option of stating what value you want declared for customs, and original invoicing removed… Which helps save on the custom duties in a big way.

Get down something from Amazon US 3 years ago

Best way to get anything from the US is using a shipping forwarding company. I use, but there are lots of different ones. They provide you with a US address to send the delivery, and then give you a wide range of shipping options to get it to Sri Lanka - it's fast and efficient. The express options aren't cheap, but very reliable.

I don't know why Yamu consistently recommends Kapruka - they get bad reviews constantly, slow, poor customer service and I've never had a good experience with them.

Get down something from Amazon US 3 years ago

I don't know if you'll have much luck with adoption - most places that adopt are for street dogs. Probably have to go through a breeder for a cocker spaniel. They're about 20k on average.

Golden Colour Cocker Spaniel Pupphy Needed 3 years ago

Ratings breakdown has the lowest score as a 4…and yet most recent review has the establishment as 3/5…something needs updating.

Pedlar's Inn Gelato (Galle) 3 years ago

Maybe the note about being sponsored should be at the beginning of the article? Essentially a waste of time reading for anyone not with Sampath.

Best Places To Shop This Season 3 years ago

Technically every food review is sponsored, because Yamu allows restaurants they've reviewed to advertise on their site. So unless these advertisements are free, every food review is being funded by restaurants you review. Which is a conflict of interest and pretty much a definitive example of sponsored reviews. This has never been answered by Yamu, and it's a pretty blatant lie when you say none of the reviews are sponsored. Particularly when the system was brought in place that only certain star reviews qualified for advertising… Then the star system was thrown aside!

Don't treat readers like dummies.

So jump off the high horse for one second while I look at the front page advertisement (at the time of writing this comment) for Kingsbury Grill. Which, surprise surprise, is a restaurant Yamu has given a positive review for.

Krua Thai by Dao 3 years ago

What the hell has happened to Yamu?? So basically the food and drink are crap and yet the place still gets a smiley face review??

Either get your bills paid another way, or give up on the restaurant reviews.

The Paddington 3 years ago