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Hotels are cheaper than AirBnb these days. Treat her nice man

Airbnb for Couples 2 years ago

පිස්සුද අයිසේ 250 දීලා කිරි තේ එකක් බොන්න, 650ක් විතර දීලා ආප්ප කන්න

Breakfast at Cafe Nuga 3 years ago

tried the english brekkie (think that's what it's called)
presentation was nice but lacking in potions
and seriously lacking in the meats department.
the tiniest sausages you can find accompanied with mere two slices of bacon.
then the carbonara , potion was good and they did have a good Parmesan layer going on but there were hardly any bacon in it.
and was not as creamy/cheesy as expected.
wouldn't want to visit again , and the flies a plenty was a real struggle to keep the tea clean of them

Blackbird Brekkie and Brunch 4 years ago